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For ZX DEV MIA (2019)

Ninja Gardening Simulator - A powerful and accurate depiction of Ninja Botany.


After a long day of intense training, you head to the top of the Dojo. The final duty of the day is to tend to your clan's prized rooftop garden. While tending to the flowers, you hear a noise from below. Peering over the edge of the building confirms your worst fears. A rival ninja clan has broken into the compound to stage an attack!

Although you locked the doors, the windows are wide open (it's a hot day after all) and the rival ninjas are already scaling the building. With only potted flowers at your disposal, your mission is to stop them from getting in for as long as you can.


Ninjas attack in groups of 12, with each group using a different climbing style. Defeat four groups and they'll get faster and you'll score more points.

If six ninjas manage to get in, they'll destroy part of the building and you'll take on that group again but a slower speed.

The game ends when the ninjas  have damaged the building six times.

Good luck ninja!

Game modes

The game includes five different game modes.


  • Ninjas enter from the red area at the bottom of the screen.
  • Up to three ninjas attack at the same time
  • Cyan coloured ninjas attack from wave 4 onwards and can climb in any style
  • Eight waves before the game loops.


  • Like Standard mode but:
  • Ninjas enter from both sides of the screen and the red area at the bottom
  • Ninjas on the ground run faster and some will try to dodge or avoid falling pots
  • Eleven waves before the game loops

'+' modifies Standard and Enhanced modes as follows:

  • Up to four ninjas attack at the same time
  • Ninjas attack in groups of 14
  • Ninjas on the ground run faster
  • While climbing, magenta and green ninjas may change speed
  • Cyan ninjas attack from wave 3 onwards


  • - Six hits, one life and an endless onslaught of ninjas. How long can you last?
  • - Take out 50 ninjas to reset your hit counter
  • - Gameplay wise, this mode matches Enhanced+ but with up to three ninjas attacking at the same time


v1.5 - Improvements and bugfixes

  • 4 new game modes, individual high scores maintained for each
  • Beeper tunes if the game is loaded on a 48k Spectrum / 128k Spectrum in 48k mode
  • Better collision detection when ninjas are close to the ground - AY music loops tweaked
  • Proper ULAPlus pallete defined
  • Player now has 2 victory dance animations
  • Bombs 'explode'
  • Game no longer crashes on ZX Omni if loaded in 128k mode
  • Selecting Kempston no longer registers false inputs if a kempston interface isn't connected (now possible to select Sinclair mode on a +2!)
  • Enemy speed is now recalculated inbetween rounds, rather than during gameplay after the wave changes
  • Fixed an issue where the hit counter would sometimes fail to update during gameplay
  • Kempston users can now exit the game over screen by pressing fire (rather than requiring a keyboard press)
  • Enemy death animation speed fix

v1.1 - bugfix

  • (hopefully) fixed a bug where purple ninjas sometimes get stuck under the second window

v1.0 - Initial release

Thanks to:

Allan Turvey & Jonathan Cauldwell - ADGX
David Saphier - Musicizer II, and his Reaper / Autosiril videos
Allan Turvey, Funspot.it (I think this is Luca Bordoni?) & Brendan Alford - Support with ASM
The musicians of the American Civil War - merry tunes!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsNinja, Score Attack, ZX Spectrum
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick

Install instructions

This tap file should run on:

  • Any 48k or 128k Spectrum (via an SD Card loader, or playing the tap file into the Spectrum)
  • All Spectrum emulators (tested on Spectaculator, FUSE and ZX Spin)

Any bother, leave a comment and I'll take a look.


Ninja Gardening-Simulator-v1.5.tap 43 kB
Ninja-Gardening-Simulator-v1.1.tap (ZX Dev entry version) 38 kB

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